Gabriola Island

August 16-19, 2018

on the beautiful grounds of the Gabriola Commons

3 Days

of Free music, workshops, artist vendor village, and family shows

Friday to Sunday
10am – 6pm

Theatre Performances

Thursday to Sunday

2 Nights

of Music, on 2 Stages

Friday and Saturday
6pm – 12am

Cultivating Raffle Winners!

Did you purchase a ticket — or an arm’s length of tickets! — for the Cultivate raffle?
Here’s the information you’ve been waiting for.

The winning numbers for each prize are:

Gourmet Basket: 2678355
Chocolate Basket:   9832227
Garden Barrow: 612233

Lucky Winner: Joke Mensink

Book Package: 612015

Lucky Winners: Lynn and George Myette

Dog House: 9012156

Lucky Winners: Marianne Mattes Fleetwood’s family (and the family dog!)

Cat Palace: 1193092

Lucky Winners: Marc Dore and Huguette Grenier-Dore (and their cat!)

If you’re a winner, contact GAC via email to arrange a time to collect your prize.

CULTIVATE on Instagram

We’d love your feedback

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