Against Gravity

Sun Sep 1, 2019
11:00 am - 11:45 am
AH Theatre Stage

Against Gravity

FREE FAMILY SHOW to anyone under 16 and music pass holders – no theatre ticket required.

Suitable for all ages; 45 minutes in length.

Part shadow puppet show and part live musical performance, Mind of a Snail’s Against Gravity is a mind-bending journey through a world filled with surprises.

We meet anti-gravity protesters, an advice-giving snail and several near death experiences.

Unlike a traditional shadow puppet show, the two performers of Mind of a Snail, Jessica Gabriel and Chloe Ziner, are both visible throughout the show.

Using an overhead projector, Jessica projects colourful imagery onto a large screen while Chloe creates a live soundtrack with beat-boxing, guitar loops and help from the audience.

Directed, produced and starring Jessica Gabriel and Chloe Ziner.


“The ingenuity and artistry on display is breathtaking” – Winnipeg Free Press

“Against Gravity is less a play than a vivid dream shared between audience and performers. Crowd participation is a big deal in this show, more so than in most plays—and the more you put into the experience, the more you get out of it. The audience itself is almost a third cast member, or at least another of the puppets deftly manipulated by the playwrights. Those not keen on participating may find Against Gravity a bit off-putting—but theatregoers open to the concept will discover a use of light, overhead projection, stencils, and colour that is sometimes funny, sometimes simple, sometimes beautiful—and always delightful.”

Mark Kay, The Torontoist