Created by Sachie Mikawa and George Lewis. Directed by George Lewis.
Co-written, composed, and performed by Sachie Mikawa. Japan, USA, Argentina.

Rated: PG (Warning: Talking Fish)

Length: 45min (No intermission)

A multimedia journey into the heart of the tsunami

Through the eyes of a talking Fish, a magical encounter of two girls across time and oceans tells a story of an eccentric family and their giant house by the sea. Miyazaki meets Garcia Marquez in this one-woman multimedia show created by Japanese performer/composer, Sachie Mikawa and Argentine-based director, George Lewis. The show features original stop-motion animation and musical score.


In 2011, Japan had its largest earthquake and subsequent tsunami triggered by the quakes. The tallest waves reached up to 40 metres. It caused over 15,800 deaths and 2,500 people are still missing. The closest city to the epicenter was Sendai, Sachie’s hometown. Her mother lived in a town by the sea just south of Sendai. When Sachie first got news of the tsunami, her first thought was she had lost her mother. In fact it was three days later Sachie learned her mother was alive.

Fish Saw is a story about Sachie’s mother, who is The Little Girl With Glasses, and her family, and their house by the sea.

“A beautiful, funny, tragic, and touching show ​about the endurance of memory in the face of human mortality.” —apt613 Ottawa

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