Neworld Theatre, in association with Main Street Theatre and Urban Crawl.  Written and Performed by Patrick Keating.  Directed by Stephen Malloy. Vancouver, BC

Length: 80 min (No intermission)

Rated: PG (Adult themes)

Intelligent, articulate and gentle, actor Patrick Keating has been a mainstay of Vancouver’s independent theatre scene for years—not the kind of guy who leaps to mind when you hear the word “criminal.” You’d be hard-pressed to imagine him robbing a bank, but that’s exactly what he once did, and in this enthralling production he breaks down his years as a repeat offender. His story is harrowing, but laced with wit and plenty of hard-earned wisdom.

“Darkly funny…a vivid and necessary reminder that people in prison are, first and foremost, human beings.”
– Kathleen Oliver, The Georgia Straight

Patrick is kind, soft-spoken and sincere; Inside/Out is his real-life story of years spent in and out of Canada’s penitentiary system. And that’s the thing – you look at Patrick and think, ‘this guy robbed a bank?’ Patrick’s honest and engaging delivery of his funny, sad, and stirring true story helps dismantle our ideas of what a ‘criminal’ looks like – and helps us better understand how language, race, and class play a very real part in our lives as Canadians. It’s about a man’s search for community: the community of the street, the community of prison, and of the theatre.

“Writing and performing Inside/Out is one of the best choices Keating ever made.”
– Jo Ledingham, On the Scene
“This is compelling, embracing, troubling, and touching theatre as up close and personal as it gets.”
– Broken Leg Reviews
“Patrick Keating has been quietly fueling this city’s independent theatre scene with substance, rigor, and honesty.”
– Norman Armour, Executive Director, PuSH International Performing Arts Festival
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Sound Design by Noah Drew
Lighting Design by Jayleen Pratt
Set, Props, and Costume Design by Barbara Clayden
Stage Management by Sandy Cumberland

Developed with the support of the Shadbolt Centre for the Arts.