So Am I: Body Talk and Self-Image Workshop - Crystal Precious

with Crystal Precious – free workshop, no sign up needed.

In this hour-long seminar, CP shares the personal tools she developed over the past 2 decades to cope with body-shaming and discrimination in the entertainment industry. The good news is that times are changing, but it still takes diligence, strength and practice for women of all walks and lifestyles to reject the status quo and step back into their power.

These simple, easy-to adopt techniques are applicable to all shapes and sizes. You’ll learn:

  • How to overcome the urge to “wait” until you feel 1000% confident with your body to apply for that job, get on that dating site, or start doing awesome work in the community of your choice

  • A tried-and-true mantra for destroying inconvenient, involuntary competitive / jealous feels that may sneak in about your friends and/or media influencers

  • Why Instagram is a powerful tool to create body-positive mindsets, and how to turn it into your own personal self-esteem-boosting happy-place

  • How to spot & respond to loved ones who may unknowingly be body-shaming you

  • A Q & A to address any specific scenarios or issues that may not have been addressed.

All self-identifying women welcome (trans welcome).