Gabriola Island

Aug 30 – Sept 1, 2019

Ticket FAQ’s


How do the tickets work?
We’ve created many options for you, so you can create your own personalized “menu” of experiences. You purchase music and theatre tickets separately (unless you buy a Cultivator Pass). Click here to explore the options. Online pre-sales are open now, and in-person sales start June 30.
How do I buy tickets in person?
Our Ticket Booth, located in the Folklife Village parking lot, opens on Saturday, June 30.
I can't/ won't buy tickets online. Am I going to miss out by waiting for in-person sales?
Don’t worry – we’ll make sure you have a chance to get the same tickets as online buyers, and will reserve portions of all our tickets for in-person sales.
What are the ticket booth hours?
Saturday / Sunday 11 – 3pm Monday – Friday 11am – 1pm
I'm a long-time Theatre Festival fan. Why aren't there 3- and 5-show passes anymore?
We loved the 3- and 5-show passes, too – but they created a lot of administrative and box office challenges. This year we’re trying to simplify our ticketing, and at the same time still offer great deals. You’ll notice that the Early-Worm prices for theatre roughly equal the same value as previous years’ passes. We’re trying to give people discounts for committing early, which helps us in the end, too.
When I go to buy my ticket, I'm charged a fee. What's that?
The fee covers the cost of the ticketing software we use, Tickit. We’re trying to make ticket buying as easy and painless as possible for you. It also helps us to record and track your purchase, do refunds, and operate our box office efficiently.
I bought a Theatre Ticket online, but I didn't get a physical ticket. What do I do?
Starting July 15, bring your proof of purchase of Theatre Tickets to the Ticket Booth at Folklife Village, or to the onsite Ticket Booth during the Festival. You’ll be given physical tickets in exchange. Please allow a few days for processing. Please note that Music / Cultivator Passes work on a wristband system – you won’t need a physical ticket to get in for those.
What’s a Cultivator Pass?
A Cultivator Pass gives you access to all events – 7 theatre shows and 2 nights of music. You’ll be given a special Cultivator wristband.
How do the 1-Night and 2-Night Music Passes work?
You need to buy tickets for Friday and Saturday music stages after 6pm (before 6pm is free for everyone). A 1-Night Music Pass gets you into either Friday or Saturday night. A 2-Night Music Pass gets you into both nights. Bring the receipt that was emailed to you to our Box Office during the Festival to pick up your wristband. The on-site Box Office opens at 12pm on Thursday, August 16.
I bought my 1-night Music Pass, 2-night Music Pass, or Cultivator Pass, but I didn't get a physical ticket. What do I do?
You’ll get a wristband from the on-site Box Office, that will open at 12pm on Thursday, August 16, at the Gabriola Commons. Bring a printout of the pdf receipt that was emailed to you, or proof on your digital device. (and if you forget, don’t worry – we have your name on a list too… it just makes things much easier when you bring in your receipt).
Can I transfer my ticket to someone else if I can’t make it to the festival?
Yes! There is a “Transfer Your Tickets” link on the bottom of your ticket download page (accessed via your original ticket purchase e-mail).  Click that link or go to the very bottom of the ticket purchase page and click on “Transferring Tickets”, then follow the instructions.
Do I get access to the site with a theatre ticket?
Theatre performances will take place in a tent on the grounds of Gabriola Elementary school, across from the Commons. Everyone is welcome on the Commons site for free daytime performances, until 6pm. Evening theatre goers will need either a music ticket (either 1-night or weekend), or a Cultivator Pass, to enter the Commons site.